Rumble in the bronx

Rumble In The Bronx

Keung, a Hong Kong policeman, travels to New York for his uncle’s wedding, but he ends up befriending a local gang to bring down an evil criminal syndicate.Release date: January 21, 1995 (Hong Kong)Director: Stanley TongMusic by: J. Peter Robinson (US version); Nathan Wang (HK version)

Ma Hon Keung (马汉强, Mǎ Hànqiáng) (played by Jackie Chan), a Hong Kong cop comes to New York to attend the wedding of his Uncle Bill (Bill Tung). When he arrives, he meets Danny (Morgan Lam), a disabled Chinese-American boy who is Bill’s neighbor. Uncle Bill owns the Wa-Ha Supermarket in The Bronx, an area with a high level of crime. Unbeknownst to Keung, Bill’s market is a victim of frequent shoplifting and a protection racket, and he is desperate to sell it. Bill meets a potential buyer, Elaine (Anita Mui), who is reluctant to buy it for Bill’s price. Nonetheless, Bill invites Elaine to his wedding. At the wedding, Keung helps negotiate a deal that convinces Elaine to buy the market Elaine actually buys the supermarket before coming to the wedding, and Keung is simply offering his help in transitioning just before Bill and his wife leave for their honeymoon.

One day, members of a local biker gang led by Tony (Marc Akerstream) attempt to shoplift many goods from the Wa-Ha market, but Keung thwarts and beats them. Later that night, Keung thwarts some gangsters from abducting a woman (Francoise Yip). But when Keung “rescues” her, she attacks him, revealing a ploy to lure him into a spot where Tony’s gang attacks him again for revenge (this time with Tony present). The gang corners Keung into a dead-end alleyway, then severely injures him with glass bottles. Afterwards, Keung almost makes it back to his Uncle’s apartment, but not before fainting in front of Nancy, who is Tony’s girlfriend and the woman who lured Keung earlier. It is revealed that Nancy is Danny’s neglectful older sister. She fixes Keung’s wounds upon realizing that he and Danny are friends. Danny informs Keung about Nancy’s help the next morning, but Keung still doesn’t know that Nancy was the one who lured him.

Later, Keung goes to the market to inform Elaine that he lost the contract (during the alleyway brawl with the gang). Elaine tells Keung about her desire to back out of the deal upon realizing how often the market is a victim of theft and a protection racket. Later, Tony and his gang come back to the store, demanding “compensation” for Keung hurting them earlier. Elaine gives in to their demand, and they rob and vandalize the store. Keung confronts them outside, and tells the gang that he’s the boss of the store and that he has called the police on them. The gang disperses upon the police’s arrival. Later, Tony and his gang attempt to chase down Keung for revenge, which leads to Keung making a daring escape by jumping from the roof of a parking garage to a fire escape on a building across the street.

Later, a member of Tony’s gang named Angelo (Garvin Cross) gets involved in an illegal diamond deal gone bad and steals the diamonds for himself. A mobster leader with the alias “White Tiger” (Kris Lord) is after the diamonds. Keung and Danny witness some of the carnage, then run inside for safety, leaving Danny’s wheelchair in the apartment hallway. Unable to hide from the mobsters and cops, Angelo stuffs the diamonds in Danny’s wheelchair cushion. The police arrive, arresting some of the syndicate members along with Angelo. However, the police eventually let them all go due to a lack of evidence. Meanwhile, at Danny and Nancy’s apartment, Nancy eavesdrops on a conversation between Keung and Danny, where she listens to Danny talk about the emotional difficulty of being disabled. Upon hearing this, she comes out into the living room and tearfully apologizes to Keung and Danny. Keung now realizes that Nancy was the woman who lured him into the gang ambush the other day, but decides to let it go. Meanwhile, Elaine tries to sell the market to another couple, using the same lies and tactics that Uncle Bill used to convince her. Keung witnesses this, and gives her his half of the market sale back, asking that she only pay him back once she makes money.

Later that evening, Keung goes out, but not before the mobsters (who are posing as FBI agents) question him about the diamonds. They give Keung a number to call if he finds anything. Keung visits Nancy at a nightclub, where she works a lingerie dancer and model. When the gangsters see Keung and Nancy together, they give chase, but fail after Nancy knocks over the gangsters’ motorcycles. Keung advises her to stay away from Tony’s gang and to look after Danny. A romantic relationship develops between them. After failing to confront Keung, the bikers trash Elaine’s supermarket again. During the commotion, White Tiger’s men kidnap two of Tony’s men to interrogate them about Angelo’s whereabouts. Angelo’s friends are unaware of his involvement and whereabouts. The mobsters execute one of the gangsters in a tree-shredder. Meanwhile, Keung and Nancy go to the bikers’ headquarters after the latest supermarket attack, and Keung defeats them in another brawl. Keung berates and insults the gang for their criminal lifestyle and urges them to change for the better. Immediately after, one of the gangsters comes back to the hideout, with the executed gangster’s remains, which he reveals was a warning to return the goods that Angelo stole. Keung agrees to help Tony and his gang find Angelo.

Keung contacts the syndicate (which he thought was the FBI) after they find Angelo. Angelo reveals that he hid the diamonds in Danny’s wheelchair. The mobsters take Tony, Angelo, and Nancy hostage while the rest force Keung to look for the diamonds at Danny and Nancy’s apartment. Keung eventually subdues the mobsters after they find the diamonds. When White Tiger calls one of the gangsters, Keung takes the cell phone and reveals that he has his diamonds and his thugs held hostage. White Tiger tells him that he’ll arrange an exchange and warns him not to contact the police. Keung makes Danny wait at school for his own safety. After the other mobsters fail to return, one of them forces Tony to tell him of Keung’s whereabouts. Tony declares that Keung is the owner of the Wa-Ha supermarket. Keung goes to Elaine for advice, but later, the syndicate’s thugs destroy the supermarket with a tow truck as a warning to Keung.

Keung calls the police for help. They give Keung recording equipment and instruct him to just show the gangsters one diamond, and to try to get the gang to talk about the murder and robbery. However, during their meeting, Keung reveals that he knows of the name “White Tiger”, causing the syndicate men realize that Keung is working with the police. They take Keung to a secluded place to have him executed. But before they can execute him, Keung overpowers them and escapes. Later, the police come and chase the gangsters away. White Tiger’s men commandeer a hovercraft into the Hudson River, with Keung and the New York Police Department in hot pursuit. The hovercraft ends up running through the streets, causing much damage to property, including cop cars. The hovercraft seems unstoppable. Keung ends the chase by stealing a large sword from a museum, clamping it on a Lamborghini Countach and driving to the hovercraft, shredding the rubber skirt and crashing the vehicle. Keung forces them to reveal White Tiger’s location, then drives the repaired hovercraft to a golf course where White Tiger is playing. He runs over White Tiger and his men, leaving the syndicate leader naked on the ground.

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